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Which is it Pill or Oil Rub? On Andrea Lee’s failed drug test

Which is it Pill or Oil Rub? On Andrea Lee’s failed drug test

We been reporting all week about Andrea Lee’s failed drug test in 2016 and why she cannot fight at UFC 216 due to a rule that USADA has implemented.

According to the rule:

A new or returning Athlete who admits or has an established and verifiable history of the Use, Attempted Use or Possession of a substance or method that is classified as prohibited at all times on the Prohibited List shall not be permitted to compete in UFC Bouts until he/she has made him/herself available for Testing for a minimum period of six months before competing. At USADA’s discretion, such Athletes may also be required to provide a minimum of two negative Samples during the minimum six-month notice period before being cleared for competition. This provision shall not apply in situations in which (i) the Athlete’s Use of the Prohibited Substance or Method was pursuant to a valid TUE or (ii) USADA subsequently grants the Athlete a TUE for the substance or method in question.(1)

Lee’s best friend and training partner issue a statement on her drug use:

“Lee (8-2), the current Legacy FC flyweight champion, was suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission in March 2016 after testing positive for diuretics. the ingredient at the time was part of an oil rub she used in a hot bath for weight cutting, it was legal in some states but not in others AT THAT TIME, and unfortunately she was in the wrong state at the wrong time using it.”

Andrea posted on Friday also:

So obviously I won’t be fighting next weekend, USADA is making me undergo the “usada testing pool” which requires me to take a bunch of random test over a period of 6 months BEFORE I can step into the UFC octagon.This is all because of the diuretic (a.k.a fluid pill) I took in 2016. I figured that when I was off my suspension that I wouldn’t have to deal with that anymore, obviously I was wrong. It’s not the UFC’s fault because they didn’t know about this USADA rule.”

We at SportsGeeks are having a hard time with what is going on between the two statements and would like a clarification on what happened before failing the drug test given by “WADA”. We know that it’s the past but we should know what the truth is? There are 2 sides of the story but according to these two statements either someone is lying or don’t know what they are talking about.

How can you not be suspicious on what happened?

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