December 3, 2014

Mariana Morais(8-2) Defeats Cristina Mejía(1-4) By Decision (Unanimous) at Perú FC 19 145 lbs (65.77 kg)

December 4, 2014

Juliana Velasquez(1-0)** Defeats Priscila de Souza(3-3) By Decision (Unanimous) at MMA Fight Live 4

December 5, 2014

Ana Julaton(2-1) Defeats Walaa Abas(0-2) By Decision (Unanimous) at One FC: Warrior’s Way

Jujeath Nagaowa(2-0) Defeats Tharoth Sam(2-1) By TKO (Referee Stoppage) 3:34 Rnd 2 at One FC: Warrior’s Way

Kristi Lopez(2-0) vs. Ginger Velasco(0-0)** at MAXX FC 25 Cancelled

Herica Tiburcio(9-2) Defeats Michelle Waterson(12-4) By By Submission (Guillotine Choke) 1:04 Rnd 3 at Invicta FC 10 105 lbs (47.63 kg)

Tonya Evinger(16-5) Defeats Cindy Dandois(5-2) By Submission (Armbar) 1:23 Rnd 2 at Invicta FC 10 145 lbs (65.77 kg)

Roxanne Modafferi(17-11) Defeats Andrea Lee(2-1) By Decision (Split) at Invicta FC 10 125 lbs (56.69 kg)

DeAnna Bennett(6-0) Defeats Jennifer Maia(9-4) By Decision (Unanimous) at Invicta FC 10 125 lbs (56.69 kg)

Charmaine Tweet(6-4) vs. Faith van Duin(4-1) at Invicta FC 10 145 lbs (65.77 kg) Cancelled Tweet not medically cleared

Peggy Morgan(3-2) Defeats Andria Wawro(3-2) By Decision (Unanimous) at Invicta FC 10 145 lbs (65.77 kg)

Alexa Grasso(6-0) Defeats Alida Gray(4-2) By TKO (Punches) 1:47 Rnd 1 at Invicta FC 10 115 lbs (52.16 kg)

Jinh Yu Frey(3-1) Defeats Cassie Robb(0-3) By Submission (RNC) 2:36 Rnd 1 at Invicta FC 10 105 lbs (47.63 kg)

Rachael Ostovich(2-1) Defeats Evva Johnson(1-1) By Decision (Split) at Invicta FC 10 125 lbs (56.69 kg)


December 6, 2014

Holly Holm vs. Raquel Pennington at UFC 181 Canceled Holm Neck Injury

Raquel Pennington(5-4) Defeats Ashlee Evans Smith(3-1) By Submission (Bulldog Choke) 4:59 Rnd 1 at UFC 181

Jessica Zomcik(2-0) Defeats Stacey Sigala(1-2) By Submission (Armbar) Rnd 1 at Gladiators of the Cage: North Shore’s Rise to Power 7

Ariel Beck(1-1) Defeats Angela Hayes(6-8) By Decision (Unanimous) at Fightforce: Butte Brawl

Megan Anderson(3-1) Defeats Zoie Shreiweis(1-3) By Submission (Armbar) Rnd 1 at Roshambo 4

December 7, 2014

Renata Baldan(4-1) Defeats Luciana Treze(1-1) By Decision (Unanimous) at MMA Super Heroes 8

Mariana Leonardo(4-2) Defeats Karina Santana(1-2) By Submission (RNC) Rnd 1 at MMA Super Heroes 8


December 12, 2014

Katie Howard(3-3-1) Draw Kara Kirsh(1-1-1) Draw (Majority) at Hard Knocks 40 (115 lbs.)

Lindsay Garbatt(1-0)** Defeats Stephanie Essensa(1-1) By Decision (Unanimous) at Hard Knocks 40  (115 lbs.)

Carla Esparza(10-2) Defeats Rose Namajunas(2-2) By Submission (RNC) 1:26 Rnd 3  (Esparza UFC Strawweight Champion) at TUF 20 Finale  (115 lbs.)

Jessica Penne(12-2) Defeats Randa Markos(4-2) By Decision (Split) at TUF 20 Finale

Joanne Calderwood(9-0) Defeats Seo Hee Ham(15-6) By Decision (Unanimous) at TUF 20 Finale

Tecia Torres(5-0) Defeats Angela Magana(11-7) By Decision (Unanimous) at TUF 20 Finale

Aisling Daly(15-5) Defeats Alex Chambers(4-2) By Submission (Armbar) 4:53 Rnd 1 at TUF 20 Finale

Felice Herrig(10-5) Defeats Lisa Ellis(15-9) By Submission (Armbar) 3:05 Rnd 2 at TUF 20 Finale

Heather Clark(7-4) Defeats Bec Rawlings(5-4) By Decision (Unanimous) at TUF 20 Finale

Angela Hill(2-0) Defeats Emily Kagan(3-2) By Decision (Unanimous) at TUF 20 Finale (115lbs)

December 13, 2014

Joanna Jedrzejczyk(8-0) Defeats Claudia Gadelha(12-1) By Decision (Split) at UFC on Fox‬ 13  (115 lbs.)

Aline Sattelmayer(8-6) Defeats Polyana Viana(4-1) By Decision (Unanimous) at Real Fight 12 115 lbs (52.16 kg)

 Jenny Liou(3-1) Defeats Susy Watson(0-2) Decision (Unanimous) at CageSport 33

Silvana Gomez(5-0) Defeats Vanessa Melo(3-4) Decision (Unanimous) at XFCi 8

Taila Santos(4-0) vs. Poliana Botelho(3-1) at XFCi 8 Canceled Santos missed weight, Botelho goes to the finals

Antonia Silvaneide(4-1) Defeats Debora Ferreira(4-1) By Decision (Unanimous) at XFCi 8

Anne Karoline(2-2) Defeats Geisyele Nascimento(0-3) By TKO (Punches) 0:59 Rnd 1 at PFE 12 (115 lbs)

 December 14, 2014

Satomi Takano(4-5) Defeats Ga Yeon Song(1-1) By Submission (Kimura) 4:21 Rnd 1 at Road FC 20


December 16, 2014

Vanessa Vargas(0-0)** vs. Iris Ninel Martinez(0-0)** at UCC 21 (115lbs) Cancelled

December 18, 2014

Amanda Lemos(2-0) vs. Deize de Lima(4-3) at Jungle Fight 75 both fighters not medically cleared

December 19, 2014

Jessica Negrão(1-0) vs. Daniele Brandenburg(0-0)** at Thunder Fight 2 fighter hurt before match

Alyssa Krahn(2-0) Defeats Michelle House(0-2) By TKO (Punches) 1:08 Rnd 1 at Unified MMA 21 (120lbs)

December 20, 2014

Jessy Miele(3-1) Defeats Lissette Neri(5-2) By Decision (Split) at Gladiator Challenge: Holiday Beatings

Debi Studer(2-0) Defeats Naomi Staller(1-1) By Decision (Unanimous) at Fight Night Stuttgart

Mariana Morais(9-2) Defeats Marta Souza(0-3) By Submission (Armbar) Rnd 2 at MMA Leones

Camilla Hinze(1-0)** Defeats Sylvia Nagel(0-2) By TKO (Ref Stoppage) 4:49 Rnd 2 at We Love MMA 11

Rosy Duarte(5-2) Defeats Lindacy Artulino(0-1)** By TKO (Punches) Rnd 2 at Paracuru Fight 6

Jaquele Freitas(1-0)** Defeats Lizianne Silveira(2-2) By DQ(kicking head of downed opponent) at Paracuru Fight 6

December 23, 2014

Gabi Garcia(0-0)** vs. TBA at Real 1 fight fizzled


 December 31, 2014

Ayaka Hamasaki(11-1) Defeats Mei Yamaguchi(12-8) Decision (Unanimous) at DEEP DREAM Impact: Omisoka Special

Emi Fujino(15-8) Defeats Emi Tomimatsu(8-9) By Decision (Unanimous) at DEEP DREAM Impact: Omisoka Special

Shizuka Sugiyama(13-4) Defeats Emiko Raika(0-2) Submission (Armbar) 4:06 Rnd 1 at DEEP DREAM Impact: Omisoka Special

Satoko Shinashi(31-2) Defeats Rika Hamada(1-1) By Submission (Armbar) 3:29 Rnd 1 at DEEP DREAM Impact: Omisoka Special






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